Deck Out Your Boat With New Speakers

We handle marine electrical installations for clients in Poughkeepsie, NY

Want to listen to your favorite songs while you're on the water? Need new boat lighting for your nighttime boating adventures? Looking to have a fish finder, radar, gps, or trac vision installed? Unique Marine sells and performs marine electrical installations for clients in and around Poughkeepsie, NY. Whether you need a fish finder or cabin lighting, you can trust us to install it properly.

Don't try to handle marine electrical installations yourself. You could end up shocking yourself or damaging your boat. Call 845-489-4524 now to schedule an appointment for marine electrical installation services.

3 signs you need boat rewiring services

Since your boat is in the water, the wiring can corrode quickly. Luckily, you can rely on us for boat rewiring service. You may need rewiring services if:

  1. You're dealing with electrical issues on your boat
  2. You can see corrosion on your boat's wiring
  3. You've recently bought an older boat

We have the skills and tools needed to rewire your boat correctly. Contact us today to arrange for boat rewiring service.